How to remove players after the Tournament has begun?

Publishing the Start List changes the way of how players can be removed from the tournament, this guide covers both instances:

A. How to remove players before Start List is Published

B. How to remove players after Start List is Published

      A. How to remove players before the start list has been published?

  1. On the Players -section all players who are Signed Up or have been added to the Tournament are on Player Pool. After each player name there is X-button, which moves player to the “Removed Players” on the left. Player can also be dragged to the left column on the page.
    Both move the player from Pool to Removed Players and they can’t be put to the Start List anymore. Players are now removed.

  2. By clicking the red trash bin -icon you can permanently delete a removed player.
    By clicking the “Delete all” -text you can permanently delete all removed players.

  3. From the “Removed Players” it’s still easy to return the player back to Player Pool. This can be done by clicking the green + -icon in front of the player name.


  4. Player Pool can also be found from the Groups and Start List -section.
  5. X -icon after player name removes player from the Player Pool and send him/her to the “Removed Players” list, which can then be managed from the Players -section.



      B. How to remove players from the tournament after the Start List has been Published?

  1. After the Start List is Published, removing players is disabled.
  2. You can drag players from Start List to Player Pool and then
  3. “Unpublish” Start List to remove them.
    Note: Deleting removed players permanently can be done from the Players -section, when Start List is not Published. See bullet point A-2 for more instructions.



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